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At the Smart Growth Partnership, we believe that developers are very important to Smart Growth. The risks that developers and builders take are the framework on which community is built. They build community one development at a time. We endeavor to help developers be profitable at doing Smart Growth and therefore build better communities for our children.

To accomplish this, we offer free and for fee consultation, sketch and preliminary design services, and assistance to developers who desire to do Smart Growth.

For example the Smart Growth Partnership partnered with the Natural Lands Trust and with Randall Arendt a nationally recognized landscape planner, to work with Westmoreland County developers to sketch a "GROWING GREENER" design.

On January 31, 2005 Miller Penn Development, Inc. signed a "Developer's Agreement" with Unity Township for the 101 lot development known as Foxfield Knoll.

Another such development is Rolling Ridge, located in Murrysville.  This "Growing Greener" development is situated on 105 acres and will contain 47 single-family homes.  Seventy acres will be retained as open space for active and passive recreation, as well as woodlands. 

SGPWC and its consultant, Pashek Associates, have undertaken a Visualization Project consisting of developing and graphically portraying alternative build-out scenarios.  This tool of visualizing alternative development scenarios has portability and can be utilized to model development scenarios, redevelopment scenarios of underutilized suburban strip areas, or downtown revitalization.

Please contact us to explore how we can work with you to make your development project a reality.

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