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The Public Utility Commission: What local government officials need to know about the new roles and responsibilities of this state agency

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6/6/2013 - 6/6/2013


Local Government Academy

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The Public Utility Commission: What local government officials need to know about the new roles and responsibilities of this state agency


Even before the shale gas boom changed the role of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC), it was a very important agency that that touches the lives of all Pennsylvania citizens by dealing with:

  • The wires and pipes that surround our homes

  • How those wires and pipes are constructed

  • Amount of electricity, water, or gas to be distributed

  • Which companies are allowed to serve as utilities

  • What kind of generation is used to make electricity

  • Prices for electricity, water, and gas

With the passage of Act 13 last year, the PUC now has additional functions that are very important for municipal officials to understand including the distribution of shale gas impact fees and deciding whether local ordinances are in conflict with state law.  Act 127, also recently adopted, is likewise an important purview of the PUC-dealing with the safety and operation of pipelines.  Last but not least, the PUC sits at the intersection point between Pennsylvania’s local communities and the labyrinth of federal laws and agencies dealing with energy development and transmission. 

Act 13 has generated a lot of interest by local governments in the PUC, and this presents an opportunity for officials to become more informed overall.  Elected officials and other policy makers that understand the history and purpose of the agency and its responsibilities under Act 13 and Act 127 are in a stronger position to serve their communities.  As the development of unconventional gas wells continues into the future, local governments will be better positioned to handle their responsibilities with a strong understanding of this important intergovernmental relationship. 


Local Government Academy is pleased to offer an education program on the Roles and Regulations of the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. This program presents 3 expert speakers:

  • Ted Robinson, Staff Attorney, Citizen Power PA, will review the history and scope of the PCU

  • Ralph Graeser, Gas Safety Supervisor, PA Public Utility Commission will review Act 127 and the PUC’s role in pipeline safety 

  • Krystle Sacavage, Assistant Counsel, PA Public Utility Commission, will provide in-depth review of Act 13 including land use and impact fee provisions.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 AM-12 PM

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Click here to register


Registration Fee: $20

50% discount is available for eligible communities through the Michael P. Lynch Scholarship Fund. Contact LGA for details.


This program is part of the Managing Marcellus training series, offered in partnership with Sustainable Pittsburgh and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission. This program is also offered with the support of the League of Women Voters.


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