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Looking Ahead With A New Project Delivery Process

Date: 3/21/2012

Looking Ahead With A New Project Delivery Process

Jim Ritzman, PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Planning
Smart Transportation is being woven into the fabric of PennDOT’s daily business by revising the way PennDOT projects are developed and implemented.  During the last year, we have accomplished several steps toward this goal. A task force comprised of representatives from PennDOT central and district offices, the Federal Highway Administration, counties, municipalities and metropolitan and rural planning organizations (MPO/RPO) worked to craft a draft project delivery process that will:

Ensure that we invest in transportation projects that are needed, affordable and supportive of state,
regional and community goals.
Involve stronger coordination among local land-use partners, planning partners and PennDOT.
Include a greater focus on planning for more complex projects to strengthen the understanding of project purpose, need, range of options and costs before a project is programmed on a transportation improvement plan (TIP).
Link transportation improvements and land-use decisions.
Maintain a strong emphasis on managing our existing transportation infrastructure through planning-level asset management process.
In December 2009, members of the Task Force met with PennDOT District Executives and MPO/RPO representatives to discuss the draft project delivery process.  All agreed with the overall approach of the revised process, and also with moving forward to map out the process’ details and necessary implementation steps. 
Collaboration among PennDOT, local municipalities, and regional planning partners is paramount to making this new process successful.  We will continue to work with  representatives from within PennDOT and our partner agencies to engage their expertise in determining:
What new tools and data are necessary and how these should be managed;
How to incorporate consistent asset planning in long range transportation plans and TIPs;
New agency roles and responsibilities in the new process and incorporation of the new process into PennDOT’s project procedures manual; and
Best communication channels to reach our partners and develop measures of success for the new process. 
In the short term and prior to the formal adoption of the new process, the Department has been taking steps to reach the goals of the new project delivery process. Asset management was a focus during the last round of the State Transportation Commission (STC) Transportation Program update process.  During the STC hearings, each planning partner was asked to discuss what it takes to maintain our core infrastructure; how land use and economic development should be addressed; and how resources within each region should be prioritized. This information will prove vital in developing a Twelve Year program where transportation investments are aligned with the priorities and fiscal constraints of each region and the commonwealth.  This will also ensure that project schedules and available funding are in line with projects identified on the TIPs. 
PennDOT appreciates the time and effort that each of our partners contributed towards the implementation of the new project delivery process. Together, we can work together to develop better transportation solutions and move Pennsylvania forward!

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