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Roundabout sparks other improvements in Rochester

Date: 5/21/2012

By Michael Pound mpound@timesonline.com



Officials in Rochester are hoping that in a, ahem, roundabout way, the now-completed infrastructure work in the center of town is going to do much more than simply ease traffic hassles.

In fact, they’re looking for the Rochester Roundabout and the associated improvements to the Beaver County Transit Authority’s property nearby to serve as a catalyst for renewed interest in the borough’s Brighton Avenue business district.

By now most are familiar with the roundabout, the traffic circle that replaced two lights and a tangled intersection at Adams Street and Rhode Island and Brighton avenues. The lights there used to take more than two minutes to complete a cycle, causing traffic backups at peak hours in all directions.

The $1.8 million roundabout eliminated the lights, the waiting and, for the most part, the traffic problems associated with the area.

“The effect the roundabout has had in that area is astonishing,” said Frank Mercier, the borough’s police chief. “Traffic has been much smoother and outside of a couple fender-benders, we haven’t seen any significant problems there. I can’t say it enough -- that roundabout has been a great thing for Rochester so far.”

Read More Here: http://www.timesonline.com/news/local%5Fnews/roundabout-sparks-other-improvements-in-rochester/article%5F11bb32c9-c6a3-58d5-b3f3-8d7610d820af.html

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