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Are you a Citizen of your Community?

Date: 9/26/2012

By John Turack

I’ve been focusing in my last few blog entries on communities and land-use decisions.  Today, I ask you to consider further the role of the citizen within communities.

In Westmoreland County in 2010, I helped to plan and coordinate a Community and Economic Development Summit where the Keynote Speaker was Dr. John McKnight of Northwestern University’s Asset Based Community Development Institute (to hear a recording of Dr. McKnight, click here).

In this recorded presentation, Dr McKnight better describes the graphic displayed on this page and the relative importance of each of the concentric circles illustrated.  (see also“Exercise 1” of the Extension program “Choosing Our Direction,” Workbook 2 and http://www.abcdinstitute.org/publications/ )

Dr. McKnight explains in his presentation that individual citizens form the foundation for each of the other circle groupings - “Associations” and “Institutions.”   His 2010 prediction that “institutions” are reaching the limits of what they can do for societies seems all the more pertinent in 2012, as we all wrestle with “the new normal” of constrained monetary resources.



To read more and to see the graphic referenced --



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