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Community Power

Date: 12/7/2012

Where does Power lie in your community? Are there different power centers depending on the issue?

by Liesel Dreisbach

Senior Extension Educator,

Ag Entrepreneurship/Economic and Community Development Team


Power in my community has for many years been found among the families of two churches who also make up most of the staff of the volunteer fire company.  They also filled most offices/jobs in municipal government.  In other communities Power might include major business owners as well.

Issue-specific Power in a neighboring community lay for a long time on the shoulders of a petite, elderly environmental activist. When she died a while ago, environmental issue Power was shared by a group of environmentalists, none of whom has quite as much impact as the original source of  Power had.

In community development, identification of Power sources is valuable.  Power has connections.  Power has influence with others. If Power understands your project, they likely will support it and get their friends to do so too.

How do you find out where the Power lies? 

See http://extension.psu.edu/ecd/news/2012/community-power to learn more.

Legislators can sometimes provide influence and power for community projects

Legislators can sometimes provide influence and power for community projects




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