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Happy Holidays & 2013 Local Government Academy Program Announcements

Date: 12/19/2012

Happy Holidays & 2013 Local Government Academy Program Announcements:

In This Issue
Contemplating Governing
Free Roundtable in January
Feasibility Study for ALCOSAN Communities
Sustainable Community Essentials Certification
New Webinars & Blog Posts
ALOM Banner Community Program
Advocates for Good Government

To view the full newsletter click here: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=5i49mxbab&v=001SZ1qw1gWteRfwipfHHVJAM82sbaSKcPpYEftoZHU%5F2TvbySyHN9YBPVq5U8HVvZuPraWdSxCW2jeOO%5FGI6DkWn8Ilm8Ur47s9XmDlbC5StpQ4%5FLOUMa8XQHopB-FcpovJURXUfVFQYm0wTJaDuWhMn4zEc-ETpZ6JBf3K7Qur-fTm48KvBO8Ef9H6JgbKEAAF03V2NhbQfI%3D

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