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"...visionary plans, urban design goals and architectural aspirations."

Date: 3/1/2013

"As land use planning changes, ’zoning’ is no longer appropriate," stated a recent Washington Post article that has been re-published in the planning trade journal Planetizen. In his blog entry this month, Extension educator John Turack reflects on that statement: How might it apply to the urban/suburban/rural communities of Southwest Pennsylvania, and elsewhere?


Westmoreland "Rattlesnake Flag" of the Revolution from New Alexandria, Pennsylvania, website -- http://newalexpa.com/history3.htm ; Also see -- http://www.westmorelandhistory.org/shop/  and www.heinzhistorycenter.org  

"Is it Time to Ditch Zoning?"

 -- from http://www.planetizen.com/node/60857

 At a recent community revitalization meeting in one of the rural communities that I serve, the discussion led to the appropriateness of zoning regulations for the community.  Some of the people in the room cringed, tightening their necks and shoulders and shaking their heads, while saying something like, "I just don’t like the idea of government taking people’s property rights."

I was not surprised.  Our region of Pennsylvania has a long history of self-reliance, independence, and autonomous thinking.  Southwest Pennsylvania was the land of the Whiskey Rebellion after all, and some local residents still claim our settlements as “The Birthplace of the Rattlesnake Flag” -- Don’t tread on me!  (although this claim is disputed by historians.).

So how can planners, whether citizens or professionals, and community leaders, plan for the future of community in such an environment? 

It’s as if a battle line has been drawn between communities that have adopted comprehensive plans and accompanying Euclidean Zoning ordinances, and those that...

To read more see --


Also see http://extension.psu.edu/ecd/news. 

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