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PennDOT targets New Stanton for $50M project

Date: 7/28/2013

Click the below link to read the news coverage of The June 26th, 2013  “Community Conversation,” a community visioning, public engagement event --




By Kate Wilcox

For travelers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, New Stanton is a passing destination for food and fuel. But without a central downtown or sidewalks in the borough, it can be a traffic nightmare.

PennDOT is stepping in to fix the borough’s gridlock with a $50 million Interstate 70 improvement project.

As a major highway hub, where Route 119, I-70 and the turnpike intersect, New Stanton has the fourth most vehicular traffic in Westmoreland County with 567,957 vehicle miles traveled daily in the borough.

About 30 of the borough’s 2,173 residents gathered this week in the fire hall to discuss the future they want to see for New Stanton with the aid of Smart Growth Partnership, a nonprofit affiliated with Penn State Extension, and the Westmoreland County Planning Department.

The project will remove the current ramps to I-70 and relocate them down the highway near the UPS facility.

Planners hope the change will alleviate traffic jams by splitting traffic into roundabouts, said council President Scott Sistek.

“Don’t even try and get through here at noon or 4 p.m.,” he said. “You can’t move.”

Residents’ suggestions on improving New Stanton that were collected at the meeting will be compiled and sent to council and the county planning department.

Councilwoman Linda Echard said council will look over residents’ thoughts while reviewing the borough’s planning and zoning ordinances.

“We need to see how this collection (of suggestions) fits into the big picture,” she said.

Read more: http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/4262501-74/borough-stanton-traffic#ixzz2Y6X3Lf5f
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Perhaps others will consider adding other comments to the Tribune-Review webpage, as the below, former resident did, to continue the conversation?


What are the highest-value assets, strengths, possibilities, or  opportunities of the New Stanton area?


The event planners hope to have the community feedback information (that was gathered at the meeting on the flipcharts and worksheets) compiled within the next few weeks.


Thanks to all who all who participated, and especially to those that volunteered as co-facilitators!




"I used to live in New Stanton. After having my 2 boys, I moved to the Scottdale area because here, we can go for walks safely, visit playgrounds (there are 3 within comfortable walking distance, vs absolutely NONE in New Stanton), go to the library, etc... There is just nothing for families with kids in New Stanton. Not even a grocery store, you have to go to either Mt. Pleasant in one direction or Greensburg in the other. I’m surprised anyone actually lives in that area. It was miserable and I’m glad I left."  -- comment on the Tribune-Review webpage, http://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/4262501-74/borough-stanton-traffic#ixzz2Y6X3Lf5f

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