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PA "Clean and Green" Tax Program - Purpose, Requirements and Considerations

Date: 8/10/2013

August 7, 2013 presentation (now as a recording) --

The Pennsylvania Farmland and Forest Land Assessment Act, Act 319, better known as “Clean and Green,” was authorized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and allows land devoted to agricultural and forest land use to be assessed at a value for that use rather than a fair market value. The intent of Act 319 is to encourage land owners to retain their land in agricultural, open space or forest land use, by providing some real estate tax relief.

This webinar will provide an overview and history of the “Clean & Green Act,” the major changes to the law as well as future issues facing Clean & Green and a county perspective of implementation.

Upon registration, access is provided to the webinar recording. Access link is provided in the registration confirmation email.

Webinar Speakers & Descriptions

  • Neal Fogle, Extension Educator, Penn State Extension, will provide an overview of the Clean & Green Act and how the different farmland regulations and policies fit together.

  • Doug Wolfgang, PA Department of Agriculture: Bureau of Farmland Preservation Director, will provide information on the history of the PA Clean & Green Act as well as its purpose. He will also cover the major changes to the Act over the years since its adoption in 1985 as well as potential future issues.

  • Deb Crawford, Tioga County Chief Assessor, will provide Tioga County’s experience with the Clean & Green Act, and cover issues faced by county government including the relationship to and experiences with reassessment. In addition, Deb will discuss the impacts of Marcellus Shale and wind turbines on the administration of Clean and Green. Deb is co-chair of the County Assessor’s Association Clean & Green Committee and serves as an ex officio member of the County Commissioners Association Marcellus Shale Task Force and Agricultural Committee.


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