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Linking the Comprehensive Plan to Economic Development

Date: 8/13/2014

webinar to explore link between comprehensive plan and economic development




PARK, Pa. -- How can you make your comprehensive plan better support economic
development? That will be the topic of a web-based seminar kicking off a summer-fall
land-use series offered by Penn State Extension.


the 75-minute webinar, which will take place at noon on July 23, will be Todd
Poole, with the firm 4Ward Planning.


and county land-use regulations, plans and policies must accommodate the
various needs of people, households and businesses, according to Poole.
However, many comprehensive planning efforts, while well-intentioned, often
provide cursory treatment to the interests of current and prospective business
investment - development, expansion, transportation accessibility and
supportive workforce housing policies.


consequence of not adequately addressing current and future needs of your
community’s industries is unrealized jobs and tax revenues - an opportunity
cost," he said.


it is vitally important for land-use policy professionals  -- certified
planners and planning and zoning board members -- to recognize not only the
importance of integrating a sound economic development plan or strategy within
the broader comprehensive planning framework, but relevant trends influencing
how businesses and industry will utilize land and buildings into the


webinar will provide a general understanding of macro level socio-economic and
related business and industry trends likely to influence economic development
plans and associated land-use policies over the next 20 years, Poole noted.


example, current zoning -- which heretofore has accommodated large-scale office
parks -- will need to be re-visited, in light of the influence technology and
corporate office culture has had, making the need for large office footprints


 Webinars offered in
the monthly land-use series, which all start at noon and are recorded for
future viewing, also include the below topics

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