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Route 30 Master Plan

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Rostraver Township Long Range Plan

Manager: Tamira Spedaliere
Address: 201 Municipal Drive
City, State, Zip: Belle Vernon , PA15012
Phone: 724-929-8877
Fax: 724-929-5009
Email: tspedaliere@rostraver.us


Rostraver Township has started the foundation for making sound land-use decisions by being more pro-active with decision making by adopting the 2000 Comprehensive Plan and by hiring a full-time planner on staff. The Township does not want to be reactive with decision making but to be pro-active. Since the adoption of the 2000 Comprehensive plan, the Commissioners have used the plan to help guide them in land-use decision making. Then the Commissioners went a step further in September 2005; they appointed a Long Range Plan Steering Committee to guide them, along with township staff, with the long range planning process in the community.

The Committee is made up residents of Rostraver Township, township staff, local elected officials and the Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County. Members of the committee include: Tony Boscan, Georgia Brown, Frank Lorenzo, Nick Lorenzo, Jim McKevitt, William Melilli, Carla Templin (alternate), Larry Vachon, Tamira M. Spedaliere (Township Planner), Alex Graziani (Smart Growth Partnership of Westmoreland County), John Turack (Penn State Cooperative Extension) and Randall Strong (Westmoreland County Planning). One of the first undertakings of the committee is to update the 2000 Comprehensive Plan.

The Township Planner, on behalf of the Board of Commissioners and with the support of the Long Range Plan Steering Committee, has submitted a grant application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) Land Use and Planning Technical Assistance Program (LUPTAP) and to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to match local funds to hire a planning consultant. The consultant, with the overview and support of the Committee, will update the Township Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2000, update the township’s land-use and development regulations accordingly, create and adopt a comprehensive recreation, park and open space plan, and to implement recreation and transportation capital improvements planning and financing.

The Long Range Plan Committee meets on a monthly basis to develop planning goals and objectives for the Township. In order to achieve community support for updating the Comprehensive Plan and development regulations, the Long Range Plan Committee will visit community organizations to explain proposed amendments to the Township Comprehensive Plan and development regulations. In addition the Committee will be utilizing an evaluation form/questionnaire to gauge their opinions. This will insure community support for the Comprehensive Plan and land-use development regulations.

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